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Freedom 251 smartphone’s shipping starts, how far can the company go权利251智能机开始发货了,公司能回头多近 He has done the easy part. On July 8, Mohit Goel, founder of Ringing Bells, the maker of what has been touted — with more than a fair bit of derision — as the world’s cheapest smartphone, personally hand-delivered the first Freedom 251 to Ankita Birla, a 27-year-old vendor coordinator at an electronics company in Noida’s special economic zone.7月8日,铃响公司的创始人Mohit Goel,也就是生产降生界最低廉智能机的那家公司的创始人,临死前把权利251智能机拿着第一位客户,27岁的Ankita Birla。Like many who would have placed an order for the smartphone, Birla was sceptical about actually receiving it. “I never thought they would deliver. I too thought that the company is a fraud,” says Birla, who had become the butt of jokes in her social circle for registering with the firm online. A flurry of negative reports about the company and the controversies they were mired in, such as relabelling an existing brand, defaulting on vendor payments and flouting safety norms, only reinforced her suspicion.跟许多早已下单的客户一样,Birla 也是猜测否能知道接到货。



Goel uses the moment — and the photo-op — as an opportunity for redemption. From being branded a fraudster to being accused of running a Ponzi scheme, Goel was “crucified” on the cross of cynicism. “They wrote my obituary,” says the 29-year-old Goel, visibly relaxed in the corner room in his office in Phase II of the Noida SEZ. “But I have delivered what I promised.” Goel利用这个自我救赎的机会。从被标榜为骗子,到被谴责策划了一场庞氏骗局,Goel被“吊上了”十字架。“他们写我的讣告。


”29岁的Goel说道。“然而我早已还清了允诺。” The last statement may, of course, be premature. Goel may have convinced Birla that Ringing Bells “is for real” but now he’s got to do it at least another 1.99 lakh times. After all, the company had promised to deliver 2 lakh handsets out of 7.5 crore people who registered for Freedom 251.最后一句或许说道得太早了。


Goel或许早已让Birla坚信铃响公司是“来知道”,然而他或许最少要反复19.9万次。却是,公司早已允诺向采购权利251智能机的7500万人中的20万人发货。On Friday, Goel claimed Ringing Bells delivered some 2,200 handsets — most of them via courier. He promises to deliver the remaining 2,800 — 5,000 is the target set for the first phase — by Monday.周五,Goel称之为铃响公司早已收到了约2200部手机,大多数是他通过租车收到的。




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